John Gareri

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my website!

This website is to show my friends and family what I have been up to and perhaps some projects I am involved with.

In November 2012 I created a travel blog to chronicle my travels. The first major trip will be a voyage to the South Pacific on the barque Picton Castle. This blog is called Fair Winds, Following Seas and Muddy Hiking Boots. Below are the last few entries from that blog:

Past Trips

Check out my past trips page for pictures and other information from places I have been and things I have done. In the interest of keeping the pages somewhat manageable, I have split the single Past Trip page into multiple pages with the trips grouped by years. There are pages for Trips and Adventures from 2001 to 2004 and from 2005 to 2009.

There are several trips to note in there, trips that I consider "major" trips or big adventures. These are not just due to their length or distance, but due to what I consider to be somewhat unconventional. That term is, of course, subject to personal definition. This is what makes my list:


These are some websites that I designed and maintain.

Anthony Nappa Wines
Anthony Nappa Wines
is a winery on Long Island New York established in 2007.

The Winemaker Studio
The Winemaker Studio by Anthony Nappa Wines is a cooperative tasting room in Peconic New York, featuring Long Island winemakers and their current releases for tasting and for purchase.

One Ball Two Strikes
One Ball Two Strikes: The Greg Montalbano Golf Classic.
This is an annual charitable golf tournament. I serve on the committee for the charity.

Venture Crew 100
Venture Crew 100
. I am currently an associate advisor to the crew, which we formed in 2001 in Westborough, Massachusetts. Venturing is a program of the Boy Scouts of America.

That's the list at the current time (November 2012). There have been others for friends election campaigns, Dover Rollin' Smokehouse BBQ, Dover Organix and Running Brook Vineyard and Winery. None of those are currently active.