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Trips from 2001 to 2004

Italy Vacation – September and October 2004

After returning home from the Victory Chimes trip, I had about 1½ days before flying to Italy for a 3 week vacation. Here are some links from that trip:

  • A story of the trip. Fairly long version of what I did for 3 weeks. This contains several links to things that I saw and did. There are many, many more links out there.
  • Pictures of the trip. I came home with over 300 pictures. I managed to reduce it down to fewer than 200. I noticed that since I have been using a digital camera that I tend to take a lot more pictures. I'm not sure that is a good thing, I hope you enjoy.

Victory Chimes Windjammer Sailing – September 2004

I went sailing on the last of the Atlantic Coast three masted Windjammers and the largest sailing passenger vessel under the American Flag, the Victory Chimes. It was a one week trip that was really excellent. The highlight of the week was a “sail-in” sponsored by Wooden Boat magazine. 12 of the 14 Maine Windjammers sailed in to Brooklin Maine for the night. Here are some links from the trip:

  • The Victory Chimes – Take a look at their website and book yourself a trip.
  • Some pictures of the trip. I took quite a few pictures. I hope you enjoy them. If you see any you like, send me an email. The original version is MUCH high quality. In the interest of saving space and improving load time of the images, the ones stored on this site are greatly reduced.

BVI Sailing – August 2004

The Venture Crew took another sailing trip to the BVI for 2 weeks in August 2004. Check out the pictures on the crew website. We chartered 3 boats again this year, I was the captain on an Athena 38’ Cat. It was an awesome time, as you would expect.

Alaska Cruise - July 2003

On July 12th, a bunch of friends and I went on a cruise along the inside passage of Alaska with

Here are some links from the trip:

  • Some pictures of the trip. I actually took over 200 pictures, but I knew I couldn’t put all of them here. This is what I hope is a nice sample.
  • Group photo. Most of the group got together one night on the steps of the ship for a group shot.
  • Map. Here is a map of the ports we visited


New Zealand Holiday – January/February 2003

On January 15, 2003 I traveled to New Zealand to spend some time with my friend Tony Nappa. Tony was studying at a University in New Zealand for a couple of years and was on summer vacation.

Here are some links from the trip:

  • A story of the trip. Long Version. This is a pretty detailed trip report of my 5 week trip.
  • Story of the trip, short version. This is the same story, but much smaller. For people that just want the basics.
  • Photos of the trip. You might want to check out the story of the trip for it to make sense, or you can just look at the photos. I have high resolution versions of all the pictures. If, for some reason, you want a better quality copy, just send me an email.
  • Photos of the America’s Cup. I was in Auckland New Zealand with Tony for the first two days of the America’s Cup races.
  • We went on a classic yacht “Arcturus” to watch race two from the water. Most of these pictures are from that race.
Kilimanjaro Trip 2000/2001

Tanzania Trip December 26, 2000 to January 15, 2001

Over the New Years holiday for 2000 and 2001, three friends and I went to Africa for a bit of an adventure. It was a great trip and we have lots of photos. The US travel company that did most of the organizing of the trip was great. They are Journeys, International. In Tanzania, we were taken care of by a company called Shades of Africa. They were exceptional and a pleasure to work with.

Here are the links from the trip:

A story of the trip. This is a pretty long account of the adventure, written originally by Tony Nappa and modified by me.

Photos of the Kilimanjaro Climb. You might need to read the story first to get all the details of what you’re looking at.

What else have I been up to?

Check out my pages of other trips. I had too many of them to list on just one page so I decide that I would create multiple pages rather than removing less "important" ones, whatever that means.

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